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Pay Equity Update!

This follows the previous announcement informing our members and retirees that the CPAA pay equity complaint was resolved on May 12th. The Canadian Human Rights Commission has completed its analysis of the settlement and has signaled its approval. The Human Rights Tribunal accepted these findings and closed the file.

We filed the original complaint because we believed there was a wage disparity between our members and CUPW classification employees P04 for the period covering September 1, 1992 to March 31, 1997. During our discussions with CPC to attempt to resolve our complaint, it was recognized by both parties that, in fact, for all semi-urban Postmasters levels 5 and 6, there was no wage disparity. Indeed, for the semi-urban postmasters at levels 5 and 6, these individuals had a higher rate of pay than the P04.

Therefore, under the agreement reached on May 12, everyone who was an employee in semi-urban classification level 1 to 4, as well as Group Postmasters category 1 to 6, at any time between September 1, 1992 and March 31, 1997 are eligible to apply for monetary compensation. CPAA and CPC are jointly developing the process by which eligible employees and retirees can submit a claim for compensation.

Eligible employees and retirees will have one year to submit their information, starting from the date CPC is ready to receive applications. As more information is available, we will post it on our web site and our Facebook page.