Message from the National President, June 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we have been concentrating on trying to ensure all our members have access to Personal Protective Equipment. Canada Post recently agreed to supply all post office employees with face masks, which you should be receiving very soon. As always, if you do not get your masks, please let your Branch know asap!

Our spring Branch conventions have been taking place by conference call, which is a big change for everybody concerned. I want you to know how hard your Branch officers are working for you, even though the pandemic has kept us all at a distance from each other. Here are some messages from your Officers from the BC and Yukon, and Maritimes Branches. 

BC and Yukon
Lisa MacDonald, Maritimes Branch
Jacqueline Mingo, Maritimes Branch President
Eugene Verdon, Maritimes Branch
Mallori Nickerson, Maritimes

Lanark Postmaster Anders Carson, one of our Ontario Branch directors, has been writing us regular “Letters from the Front” and I wanted to provide you with some snippets. I am sure many of our members can relate to Anders’ experiences. Thank you Anders! If anybody else has stories to share, please send them our way!

On other fronts, we have been seeing a steady stream of pay equity claims. You might have also seen some media around our new contract achievement of some promising language on getting financial services in our post offices. Here is a link to a National Observer article with an interview of our B.C. and Yukon Branch President Carolyn Elliott (apologies that the article is in English only).  I also did an interview with Blacklocks Reporter, the outlet that initially broke the story of Canada Post’s censored postal banking studies (link goes to paywalled article). We are going to push hard to make sure this is a promise that is kept by Canada Post. 

The new contract itself should be printed by the end of June and hopefully members will have it very soon.

The pandemic has shown all Canadians the importance of good postal service in their communities. We know that many of you are struggling with an increased load due to more parcels and online orders. If there are concerns such as health and safety issues, it is crucial to contact your Branch who will work with our health and safety representatives to try to resolve the issue and escalate it if needs be.

In Solidarity,

Brenda McAuley
National President

Don’t Forget…

Your Branch can advise you of your rights, including your legal right to refuse unsafe work if needs be.

We want to keep hearing about your stories and those of your communities during this difficult time. Please feel free to share them with us via the contact form on our website or by emailing us at the National Office. And please keep suggestions and photos coming!

Remember to check our information page for updates as well as the Canada Post website “I’m an Employee” portal.