CPAA has led its own campaigns and participated in others with our allies. Here are some of the issues we’re working on. We welcome your support!

Postal Banking / Financial Services

Order a button from National Office and wear it to show your support for postal banking!

CPAA has been vigorously advocating for bringing back financial services to rural post offices. As bank branches leave rural communities across Canada, it’s clear the post office can fill that gap. In 2015, we produced a study on why rural Canada needs postal banking. We have also worked with CUPW on “A Bank For Everyone,” a joint campaign.

The story so far: we have lobbied MPs, and sent them petitions and postcards. We have mobilized support for better services at the post office from hundreds of municipalities. We’ve also talked about Canada Post’s existing partnerships with fintech companies and about the successful pilot projects with banking counters at CPAA offices.

Watch and share this video of CPAA National President Brenda McAuley speaking to postal banking at the 2017 CLC Convention.

Better Internet

Okay, maybe it’s not always this bad, but…

There’s a big gap between the quality of the internet services in Canada’s cities and the service we get in rural areas. We know our communities need this basic service to thrive in today’s world. The CPAA wants to be part of the solution to the digital rural-urban divide. We’ve been connecting Canada for over a century and are in the best position to keep doing that.

We’re gathering information and would like to hear from our members and from rural residents about getting internet services in your communities. Please contact us!

Delivering Community Power

Click through to read about Delivering Community Power’s vision

Imagine a Canada Post that is leading the way in transitioning to a cleaner, greener and fairer economy. The CPAA is part of that vision, advanced by the Delivering Community Power campaign for a 100% renewable economy that addresses inequality, empowers us to make change, and improves our lives.Our post office can deliver that.

Imagine …

  • Charging stations for electric vehicles at post offices
  • A renewable energy postal fleet
  • Postal banking that provides inclusive financial services, especially to those underserved by commercial banks, like in rural and many Indigenous communities
  • Mail carriers checking in on seniors and people with mobility issues, keeping more people in their own homes for longer
  • Post offices as community hubs for digital access and social innovation, connecting communities and climate-friendly businesses to customers
  • A consolidated last-mile delivery service that eases congestion in urban centres and reduces the environmental impact of our cities