CPAA Education

Starting in 1997, CPAA’s National Training and Education Committee has organized an educational opportunity, “Just For You,” for members every year apart from the Triennial Convention year. Fifty participants are chosen to attend a three-day training course at one of four locations across Canada.

“The content is invaluable and so relevant to our jobs.”

“This information will let me be a better Postmaster and Union member!”

“So much enjoyed meeting all the people involved. I am so glad to have been picked to attend – very uplifting experience!”

At Just For You, members increase their knowledge of our Collective Agreement as well as relevant legislation such as the Canadian Human Rights Act, and the Canada Labour Code. They learn the union basics and build the skills to be more active and empowered CPAA members.

Watch for the application form and details on how to apply in the Spring 2021 issue of The Canadian Postmaster!

From October 23-25th, 2018, 50 CPAA members participated in the Just for You program, which covers the history and structure of our union as well as our legal rights, important information, skills such as public speaking, and more. Photo from the Maritimes session.

A limited number of individual applications for training to the CPAA Education Fund are also considered each year. Individual requests for union-related training can also be sent to the Training and Education Committee using this form.