We have a pay equity resolution!

Canada Post and the Canadian Postmasters and Assistants Association (CPAA) are pleased to have reached a settlement to resolve a longstanding pay equity dispute.

The agreement pertains to pay rates for CPAA-represented employees from September 1992 to March 1997. The parties reached a settlement with the assistance of an independent mediator who has experience in pay equity disputes. The settlement requires the approval of the Canadian Human Rights Commission before it can be finalized and implemented.

A joint committee consisting of representatives from both Canada Post and CPAA will move quickly to implement the settlement, pending approval from the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

More information and details will follow shortly, including instructions for eligible current and former employees about how to apply for payment.

CPAA Responds to Canada Post’s Forecast, Report of Losses

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Just For You – union education matters!

From October 23-25th, 2018, 50 CPAA members participated in the Just for You program, which covers the history and structure of our union as well as our legal rights, important information, skills such as public speaking, and more. Watch for the announcement of the 2020 training!

Lobby Day 2018

Eleven members of the CPAA Board of Directors standing in front of the Eternal Flame, Parliament Hill, Ottawa

On Wednesday, October 17th, 2018, a few days before the second hour of debate on Irene Mathyssen’s Private Members’ Bill (M-166), our CPAA Board of Directors took time during the regular Board meeting to go to Parliament Hill. We wanted to get support to restore postal banking, but also to talk about many other rural post office issues…

How did your MP vote on M-166?

Is there a backdoor plan for postal banking?

The CPAA has been following Canada Post’s partnerships with financial technology companies. Instead of the model we’ve been advocating for, it looks like Canada Post may already be getting into private banking partnerships with none of the consultation it promised…