Federal Election 2019

On October 21st, Are You Voting to Support Rural Post Offices?

In March of this year, the CPAA asked all registered political parties for their positions and plans for our public post offices. See our letter.

We thank all who took the time to respond to us, including smaller parties.

Some responses came from the Leaders’ offices and some from individual candidates. Here is a summary of what we received from the major political parties (click to see full answers):

The Liberals said they would not privatize Canada Post and would focus on services, not cuts (N.B. answer from candidate in English only).

The NDP said they “believe that Canada Post should fully remain a crown corporation…. We feel that post offices in rural communities can and should be a hub of services for people. For example, we have long advocated for postal banking, since a lot of banks have closed their rural branches and people in those areas can no longer access financial services in their communities.” They said they would support the access of rural residents to public services “by ensuring that there are no cuts to Canada Post resulting in closures of post offices. We would also work with Canada Post to make rural post offices hubs for services… We have long advocated for postal banking.. We believe government services should be accessible through post offices… We want to expand charging networks for zero-emissions vehicles, including using Canada Post locations … We support public rural transit between post office branches…. We will work with CPAA to explore the ways in which we can protect and expand rural post offices for the public service they provide while ensuring Canada Post has the necessary funding to provide the services rural communities need.”

Members of the CPAA National Board of Directors getting a visit from NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh during the last Board meeting in Saskatoon.

The Green Party said they would oppose privatization. “Canada Post is an important anchor in community power… a self-sustaining public service that can be reimagined to help create an economy that is more stable, more equal, and less polluting. The huge physical infrastructure of this national institution can be used to empower communities, offer a range of services, and help cut greenhouse gas emissions… The Green Party will work with Canada Post to restore home postal delivery. We will establish postal banking across Canada at post offices, providing important support to rural and remote resiliency. Through Canada Post, we will ensure access to financial services for everyone, including remote and rural areas, at affordable rates. We will establish access to high speed digital services at Post Offices. We will work with Canada Post to allow community meetings to be held in Post offices with adequate space. We will set up charging stations for electric vehicles at Post offices….”

The Conservative Party did not bother to send us a response.

It is worth noting that, despite the lack of any official response from the People’s Party of Canada, one candidate told a CPAA representative that her concern about closing rural offices and cutting jobs for women was “Nonsense!”