Negotiations Updates

The CPAA negotiating team from left to right: Brenda McAuley (National President). Alison McEwen and Sean McGee (legal counsel), Daniel Maheux (National Vice President), Connie Kelloway (Ontario Branch President), Chantal Guillemette (Québec Branch President), Dwayne Jones (National Vice President)

From The Canadian Postmaster, Spring / Summer 2019

In the summer of 2018, representatives from the Corporation approached CPAA’s executive team to propose a different approach to negotiations. Using this approach, constructive discussions have been ongoing, and we are waiting for a response from the Corporation. As soon as additional information is available, we will be happy to share with the membership.

From The Canadian Postmaster, December 2018

We have continued our preparations for bargaining during the spring and summer. The CPAA Negotiation Committee has met thus far on four occasions. Since the last Board meeting, we met twice in July and more recently in September. Members and Branches worked to present the committee with their suggestions for improving the collective agreement, and, in the end, we were able to collect two large binders full of material. That broke down into a total of 682 demands, signed by 1726 members covering 53 Articles, Clauses and Appendices.

The committee’s work has always been and will remain confidential. Notwithstanding this, it will be no surprise that, like in all previous rounds of bargaining going back to the early days of CPAA, we will be pressing Canada Post to abolish the one third formula as well as to provide Group Postmasters with protection against hour reductions.

From The Canadian Postmaster, May 2018

In January 2018, we sent a Special Bulletin requesting that members send in their demands for changes to the collective agreement. CPAA members attending Branch conventions will have a second opportunity to submit demands. All demands received during these conventions become part of this year’s round of bargaining. Any demands received after June 31st will be kept on file for the
following round of bargaining. Members are always encouraged to attend their Branch conventions and make their voices heard.

The CPAA negotiation committee met on February 23rd and 24th for a training session for new committee members. On April 5th, we started work on the demands received to date.

We have often heard from members that they would like more information about the negotiation process. As in previous rounds of bargaining, the details of negotiations must be kept confidential and any
communications to the members are subject to approval by the other party. This ensures the integrity of the process and we thank everyone for their understanding and patience.

In Solidarity,
Daniel Maheux,
Chief Negotiator