Negotiations Updates

Representatives of both negotiating teams
at the signing of the new contract.

The CPAA is pleased to announce the results of the vote on the ratification of the new contract. 4890 ballots were mailed to members and the returned ballots were counted by the firm of Welch, LLP. The contract has been ratified by 3081 Yes to 154 No. Our new collective agreement has now been signed and takes place effective immediately. All benefits and wage increases are retroactive to January 2019 with the exception of the leasing allowance increase (Appendix I), which is retroactive to April 1, 2019.

We see this contract as a historic victory for CPAA. Our members made no concessions and some significant gains, including the elimination of the one-third formula, and job security for Group Postmasters. We have been trying to get rid of the one-third formula since 1966. Group Postmasters will now be paid in full for every hour worked. Our cumulative wage increases of 2% every year for the next five years exceed other raises negotiated in the public sector.

Finally, we have made a significant step in the direction of service expansion with the Corporation’s agreement to do a joint study on increased financial services and to work with us on setting up a program to pilot financial services in some rural communities that do not have banks. We will now have the opportunity for real input and greater transparency in providing the much-needed service to our customers.

Thank you for your support.


Daniel Maheux on behalf of the CPAA negotiating team.

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