Pay Equity Updates

CPAA members have been more than patient with the many delays while we wait for pay equity money. The Corporation is now mailing successful claimants an agreement (NDA) to not disclose the amount of the settlement and following receipt of that signed agreement, it should take around 8 weeks for the cheque.

A mailing was sent to eligible applicants during the week of May 17, 2021.  It contained each applicant’s work history during the period from September 1, 1992 to March 31, 1997, and a non-disclosure agreement.  Applicants were asked to sign and return the non-disclosure agreement by June 4, 2021.  Due to production delays in issuing the mailing, documents will be accepted after the deadline, though these payments may be delayed.

Here is an update from the Corporation on Friday, January 8th:

When will I receive my payment?

We understand the importance of these payments and have developed a process to ensure a thorough review, while moving as quickly as possible. Payments will be issued after all the applications have been reviewed. Canada Post anticipates that payments will be processed in 2021.

Groups of individuals were made aware of this resolution process in separate waves and as such, deadlines for submitting an application differ from group to group. After the application period for all groups has closed, Canada Post and the CPAA will review the submissions in order to calculate individual payments. Only after this process is complete can Canada Post begin to issue payments to individuals. 

Many members have expressed concerns about the timelines in the pay equity application process.

Please note that your union was able to get the Corporation to accept returned letters after the December 16th date. We encourage you to get your letter date-stamped by December 16th and recommend you send everything by Xpresspost.

Please continue to email your questions and concerns to

The employer sent us the following responses for the most common questions we are hearing from members about the pay equity claim process.